Tunnel tool

    Hello tunnel fanatic. By providing basic input in the boxes below, TEC will prepare a tunnel design for you!

    Use the top-right button to draw a line, select two points (one on each shore at the transition between land and water), and close by pressing 'finish'.



    Number of lanes

    Walkway (road)

    Barriers (road)

    Number of tracks

    Tube 1

    Tube 2

    Tube 3

    Tube 4

    Tube 5

    Tube 6

    Tube 7

    Please select the shipping traffic which will pass the tunnel by checking boxes below:

    Container ships

    Bulk carriers


    Navy ships


    Please fill in the bathymetric and topographic levels along the alignment of the crossing:


    Level of surface or riverbed


    Surface level left bank

    +/- m MSL

    River at 0/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 1/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 2/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 3/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 4/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 5/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    River at 6/6 of span

    +/- m MSL

    Surface level right bank

    +/- m MSL

    After clicking the 'Send' button your input will be processed. A report will be returned to the provided e-mail address once the underlying analyses are finished. Depending on the queue, results will be send in a few days.