More than 30 years cooperation in the field of tunnels

9 September 2021

For Robin Gerrets (Witteveen+Bos) and Guido Lahaije (Royal HaskoningDHV) tunnels have no more secrets. The companies for which the gentlemen work are part of a partnership called Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC), an alliance that holds on for more than 30 years. The municipality of Amsterdam uses the services of TEC for the engineering and design within the Amsterdam Road Tunnels Program (AWA). Robin and Guido tell about the unique 'Amsterdam standard' that, completely within the framework of tunnel legislation, provides a special approach. In GWW 04 2021 (in Dutch)

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FinEst Bay Project: by train from Rotterdam to Helsinki

26 April 2021

For the future tunnel between the cities Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia TEC developed a submerged floating tunnel solution. In KIJK Magazine (article in Dutch)

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BIM and Digital Twin applied at Amsterdam Road Tunnels Programme

3 March 2021

TEC advises the municipality of Amsterdam on making the tunnels in Amsterdam future-proof, through among other the development of a BIM environment and a Digital Twin. In GWW Magazine (article in Dutch)

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An innovative design concept for the Immersed Tunnel of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Project

2 May 2018

This paper discusses the alternative longitudinal design of the immersed tunnel proposed by the Desgn & Build contractor, the so-called "semi rigid option". In addition the review process and design approach of the Clients' international consultant is described including the discussions around design assumptions, structural mechanisms, calculation methods and results. By ir. J.C.W.M. de Wit et al.

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Proceedings of the Transport and Immersion Operations of the N31 Aqueduct in Harlingen, the Netherlands

2 May 2018

The article describes the Scope of Work of Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC) for the N31 Aqueduct Harlingen project. The works included all work preparations, immersion engineering, construction engineering and guidance for transport and immersion operations of the aqueduct, up to and including operational management of the transport, immersion, sand flow foundation and backfill operations of the aqueduct. by G. de Rooij/A. Luttikholt

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Alternative performance-based seismic design for tunnels in soft soils

16 August 2017

For the Mexico City New International Airport, six tunnels structures are being designed for utilities, public road and ground service equipment. The design of these tunnels has been challenging given the very soft soil conditions, heavy airplane and seismic loads. By A.J.T. Luttikholt/C. Sigarán-Loría.

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Innovative BIM uses to design the new Airport of Mexico City

17 December 2015

The design process for the new Airport of Mexico City is challenging due to the extreme soil subsidence, considerable earthquake risks and large unknowns in the hydrological conditions of the site. Several steps were taken to ensure these challenges can be met while adhering to project planning and budget. A major step in overcoming these challenges is the use of Building Information Management (BIM).

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Best practice: Immersed tunnels

5 November 2015

Hans de Wit, MSc, managing director of Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC) answers WT's questions about the immersed-tunnels market. In World Tunnelling November 2015

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Dutch leading role in Chinese mega tunnel

19 October 2015

Mid thirties the Maas Tunnel was the first immersed tunnel in Europe. Almost eighty years later, the 'Dutch tunnel' is still an important export product. In Zhuhai (South China) Dutch engineers contribute to the realization of a megaproject. In Het Financieele Dagblad (article in Dutch)

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Immersed Tunnel: A Viable Option for The Orlovsky Crossing

15 June 2015

The Orlovsky crossing in St. Petersburg has been a hot topic over the past years. St. Petersburg faces a constant balancing act between river navigation and road traffic. In the ice-free period, the bridges over the Neva river open nightly for an extended period of time to allow ships to pass, stopping road traffic for several hours... By J. Bergsma/A. Doorduyn

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