Project description

This motorway tunnel has two tubes each comprising three lanes and a central duct. The tunnel is part of the new A9 motorway situated 1200 m east of the existing Velsertunnel, where it crosses the Noordzeekanaal. The tunnel and the approaches, wide 30 m, long 1100 m has been designed for the transportation of hazardous goods, category I standards. The submerged part of the tunnel consists of 6 elements each 96 m long. The elements have been constructed in a casting basin at Barendrecht and then transported via the North Sea to the Noordzeekanaal. Both approaches consists of three 20 m long tunnelsections and five open through sections. These reinforced concrete structures have been constructed by means of the cut and cover method. The upper part of the approaches, some 500 m, are so called “green” approaches with soil-ballasted watertight PVC membranes.

Scope of work

  • To represent the employer during construction and to carry out site supervision and contract administration for the tunnel works construction and installations.
  • Probabilistic analyses concerning the seatransportation transportation of the tunnelelements.
  • Review of contractors detailed engineering.
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Exploitation Company Wijkertunnel

In co-operation with

Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Tunnel Engineering Department; Technical Management

Type of project

Immersed Tunnels


The Netherlands



Project duration

1990 - 1996

Project phase

Tender preparation 1990 - 1992; Construction period 1993 - 1996

Construction cost

Appr. € 68.067.000,= incl. M&E works (excl. VAT)

Consultancy fee

Appr. € 6.807.000,= (excl. VAT)