Project description

The Sluiskiltunnel will be built alongside the present bridge over the Channel from Gent to Terneuzen. It is situated south from the Westerschelde tunnel and will provide a better connection between the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam. As this Channel is sailed by many Ocean Bulk Carriers the bridge is opened for 5 hours per day now. A new bored tunnel will provide a permanent available connection for the increasing (cargo) traffic. The Sluiskiltunnel is a 1600 m twin bored tunnel with a diameter of app. 11 m. and on both sides of the Channel ramps of about 300 m. The tunnel is built in soft subsoil in a poulder area.

Scope of work

  • Preliminary Design of ramps, bored tunnels and technical installations
  • Definition of Employers Requirements
  • Cost estimates
  • Competitive dialogue negotiations with contractors consortia
  • Checking detailed design of contractor for ramps, bored tunnels and technical installations
  • Commissioning of tunnel segments and TBM
  • Construction supervision
Specification sheet 2 page(s) - 116 kB


Kanaalkruising Sluiskil (KKS) BV

In co-operation with

Not applicable

Type of project

Bored Tunnels


The Netherlands



Project duration


Project phase

Preliminary & Detailed Design and Construction phase

Construction cost

300 mio EUR (excl. VAT)

Consultancy fee

EUR 3,2 mio (excl. VAT)