Shindagha Tunnel

Project description

The Shindagha tunnel runs underneath The Creek, downtown Dubai. The structure was built in-situ and dates from the late 1970’s. It consists of a 550 m long closed tunnel with approximately 200 m long open-ramp approach sections at either side. The road tunnel accommodates 2 x 2 traffic lanes and has a 3rd bore, specifically for pedestrians. Shortly after opening, the tunnel required already substantial repairs due to chloride induced deterioration of the concrete (reinforcement). In the current situation, the Shindagha tunnel has an important role in the Dubai road network and the owner / operator needed assurance regarding the expected remaining life time of the tunnel.

Scope of work

TEC was contracted by the tunnel operator to assess the remaining life expectancy of the tunnel and provide consultancy regarding improvements in the maintenance regime. As part of their assignment, TEC reviewed the available as-built drawings and reports (mainly of the renovation works), as well as inspection and test reports that were prepared by various companies that were involved in the maintenance of the Shindagha tunnel since its renovations. In addition, TEC made various numerical analyses to assess the robustness of the structure.

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Dubai Road & Transport Authority

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Type of project

Cut & Cover Tunnels


United Arab Emirates



Project duration


Project phase

Operational phase

Construction cost

Consultancy fee

EUR 85.000 (excl. VAT)