Shenzhong Link Design Competition

Project description

The People’s Government of the Guangdong Province plans to build a sea-crossing link between Shenzhen and Shongshan. The new link will shorten the commuting distance of two economic circles sitting on the east and west shores of the Pearl River. The connection has a length of 24 km, has 4 lanes in both directions and starts at a new artificial island south of the Shenzhen airport. The immersed tunnel possesses 2 traffic tubes and a central gallery with a total width of 46 m and a length of 5.25 km.

Scope of work

The TEC scope of services covered the integral design of the immersed tunnel and the artificial islands. The following items were prepared by TEC and were included in the competition documents:

  • Architectural design and landscaping
  • Structural safety and foundation design
  • Mechanical and electrical installations
  • Life safety
  • Construction methodology and schedule
  • Construction cost estimate


Specification sheet 2 page(s) - 311 KB


Advanced Work Office for the Shen-Zhong Link Project

In co-operation with

Guangdong Highway Reconnaissance Planning Design Institute (GDDI) and Information Based Architecture (IBA)

Type of project

Immersed Tunnels




Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan

Project duration


Project phase

Preliminary design

Construction cost


Consultancy fee