Schiphol tunnel installations

Project description

For the construction of the taxi airplane viaduct South as extension of the existing Schiphol tunnel the mechanical and electrical installations needed to be extended and adjusted. The existing service building had, whilst remaining in full operation, to be relocated.

Scope of work

Terms of References and the outline design of:

  • Central service building
  • Energy/transformer station
  • Tunnel installations
  • Preparation of a time schedule and operational manual for the relocation of the service building
  • Investigation for the tunnel lighting and ventilation changes in condition with respect of the airplane viaduct construction acting as a tunnel extension
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N.V. Airport Schiphol

In co-operation with

Technical Management Schiphol Airport

Type of project

Technical Systems


The Netherlands


Schiphol Airport

Project duration

1989 - 1993

Project phase


Construction cost

€ 3.631.000,= (excl. VAT)

Consultancy fee

€ 204.000,= (excl. VAT)