Schiphol OV 09-27 tunnel

Project description

As Schiphol Airport continues to grow, so does the need for proper transportation providing access to and from the airport. The Schiphol Group therefore asked TEC to provide a feasibility study and design for an underground crossing of runway 09-27 (Buitenveldertbaan) at Schiphol airport. The public transport tunnel and slow traffic tunnel were designed to be built east of the existing Schiphol tunnel on the motorway A4, and to be used for buses (and in the future, tram line) and slow moving traffic respectively. Both tunnels are cut & cover tunnels, the enclosed part is 500-m long, the slow moving traffic tunnel was to be realized with a width of 4-m, and a clearance inside of 3-m high. The public transport tunnel was designed with an overall width of 10-m and a clearance inside of 5-m high. Under the slow moving traffic tunnel’s location, is a cable and service duct.

Scope of work

Terms of references, feasibility study, conceptual design with specifications for “Design and construct” tender documents. Design acceptance control and site supervision.

Specification sheet 2 page(s) - 269 kB


N.V. Airport Schiphol, SPL 2000, P.M.A. + B.E. Landside

In co-operation with

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Type of project

Cut & Cover Tunnels


The Netherlands


Schiphol Airport

Project duration


Project phase


Construction cost

Civil works € 18.151.000,=; M&E Works € 1.816.000,= (excl. VAT)

Consultancy fee

€ 1.588.000,= (excl. VAT)