Santos-Guarujá Crossing

Project description

The project is located in the Port of Santos, between the two cities Santos and Guarujá in the state of São Paulo coast, some 80 km south west of the city of São Paolo. The two cities are separated by an approx. 500 m wide entrance channel to the busiest port of Brazil. The connection between the cities is currently operated by ferry boats, but there is a desperate need for a fixed link to accommodate the increasing transport volume and regarding the foreseen extension of the harbour as a consequence of the economic growth. An immersed tunnel has been selected by the government as the most viable option to establish a fixed link between the two cities. This option, the first of its kind in Brazil, combines a safe and secure connection with least impact on city life and port development against a reasonable investment. 

Scope of work

TEC has provided consultancy for the selection process. TEC’s involvement consists of three parts:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Design review
  • Design management
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In co-operation with

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Type of project

Immersed Tunnels





Project duration


Project phase


Construction cost

estimated R$ 1 billion

Consultancy fee

€ 4.741.085,-