Rupel tunnel

project description

To promote shipping traffic between Brussels and Antwerp the Brussels-Schelde channel is being prepared to allow passage of ships up to a Gross Register Tonnage of 10.000 (GRT). The channel will be prepared by deepening to a water depth of 9.50 m over at least 25 m width. TEC studied the impact of deepening of the channel on the structural integrity of the existing tunnel.

Scope of work

  • Research characteristics of the fairway and the shipping traffic
  • Checking of structural integrity of the tunnel due to deepening of the channel
  • Design of tunnel protection
  • Inspection of the tunnel
  • Proposal for repair of a leaking segment joint
  • Review of tunnel’s dredging monitoring plan
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Waterwegen en Zeekanaal, afdeling Zeekanaal

In co-operation with

Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, Departement mobiliteit en openbare werken

Type of project

Immersed Tunnels





Project duration


Project phase

Construction cost

Consultancy fee

€ 150.000