Piet Hein tunnel fire resistance

Project description

The Piet Heintunnel is part of the road and public transport connection between the Amsterdam Central Station and the eastern motorway and new suburb IJ-burg. This project was realized in the nineties of the previous century within the framework of the accessibility of the city of Amsterdam. The tunnel has a total length of approx. 1950 m and contains 2 traffic tubes with 2 lanes, and escape cell and a tube with two tram tracks. Under the new regulations “Building Act 2003” and the more stringent requirement for the fire load, TEC was requested by the City of Amsterdam to advice on the fire resistance of the Piet Hein tunnel.

Scope of work

TEC has conducted an investigation into the fire resistance of the main structural components of the Piet Heintunnel. Within this study the closed tunnel section, including the immersed tunnel and the ramps were considered. Advice has been provided regarded the safety, integrity and recoverability of the damage by fire of the main structural components.

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Technical Systems


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approx. EUR 30.000,= (excl. VAT)