Markt-Maas project

Project description

The city of Maastricht has initiated the redevelopment of the inner-urban area between the market and the western bank of the river the Maas. The development includes the realization of a tunnel, a four-storied underground car parking station, with a shopping centre and municipal offices above it.

Scope of work

Royal Haskoning, partner of TEC, assists the municipality with the work, in which the knowledge and operation of the technical installations plays a role. Royal Haskoning carries out the following tasks:

  • Supervision of the maintenance contract with the contractor
  • Planning corrective maintenance
  • Inspection and evaluation of the work by the contractor
  • Initiation of supplementary work related to improvement of the installation and changes in the use of the tunnel
  • Coordination of work that must be implemented within the interface between the car park and the super structure
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City of Maastricht

In co-operation with

Not applicable

Type of project

Cut & Cover Tunnels


The Netherlands



Project duration


Project phase


Construction cost

Consultancy fee

€ 50.000,= (excl. VAT)