Blankenburg Link Rotterdam

Project Description

The Blankenburg Link will connect motorway A20 near Vlaardingen (North bank) to the motorway A15 near Rozenburg (South bank) by means of the new motorway A24, accommodating 2×3 lanes. The new link contributes to a robust road motorway network in the Rotterdam Area and improves the connection between the Rotterdam Port and the economic heart of the Netherlands, the Randstad.

The connection of the new motorway A24 to the existing motorway A15 and A20 will be realized with several fly-overs and underpasses. The new A24 will be integrated in its’ environment and consists amongst others of a land tunnel (Holland tunnel) on the North bank to limit the environmental impact and an immersed tunnel (Maas Delta Tunnel), crossing the main access channel to the Rotterdam Port, het Scheur (Nieuwe Waterweg). The new motorway will be opened to traffic in 2024.

Scope of Works

TEC is the main consultant to the BAAK DBFM Consortium for the tunnel related design services (civil and MEP) for:

  • Holland tunnel, land tunnel with a length of approx. 1.35km, with a closed section of 510m to be constructed in an environmentally sensitive area.
  • Maas Delta tunnel with a length of approx. 1.7km including an immersed section of 385m, comprising of two elements with lengths of 185 and 205m

The services were provided for the (winning) tender design, preliminary design, final design, detailed design and site engineering. For the project a full integrated 3D BIM model was developed that was used for an integrated tender design and further detailed up to the preparation of construction documents (LOD350) for both civil and MEP works.

In addition, TEC held key positions in integrated design management, stakeholder management and technical committees.

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BAAK EPCM v.o.f., consisting of Deme Group (B) and Ballast Nedam (NL)

In co-operation with

Type of project

Immersed Tunnels


The Netherlands


Vlaardingen (Rotterdam)

Project duration


Project phase

(winning) tender design Preliminary design (civils and MEP) Final design (civils and MEP) Detailed design (civils and MEP) Site engineering and back-office support

Construction cost

Approx. €700 million (DBFM)

Consultancy fee

Approx. € 21 million