Aqueduct Vliet

Project description

The Hague-city is connected with the A4 motorway, by the A14 motorway crossing the ship canal Vliet. This crossing will be a tunnelpart with an aqueduct, both concrete structures. The approaches are open concrete structures. The tunnel is 40 m wide and the length of the structure is more than 500 m. The tunnel is a combined road-tramway tunnel. The structure will be 40 m wide. The secondary road along the canal crosses the approach by a viaduct. The structures are to be founded on tensile piles because of the high ground waterlevel. The tunnel and the approach will be constructed between sheetpiles, the bottom of the trench being watertight covered with an underwater concrete floor. So the groundwaterlevel will not be effected by the works. The ship canal will be temporary diverted and the tunnel/aqueduct will be constructed in two phases.

Scope of work

Preliminary design, structural computations, design drawings, design report, cost estimates, construction schedules for two options have been made.

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Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Tunnel Engineering Department

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The Netherlands



Project duration


Project phase

Preliminary design

Construction cost

€ 18.151.200,= incl. M&E works (excl. VAT)

Consultancy fee

€ 454.000,= (excl. VAT)