Amsterdam Tunnel Renovation Program

Project description

Early 2019, the municipality of Amsterdam launched a tender for a framework agreement for (technical) consultancy services within the framework of efficient future operation, management and maintenance of the municipality road tunnel system, covered under the Amsterdam Road Tunnels Program.  This program involves the renovation / upgrading of three tunnels and the development of a new traffic control centre. The main Municipality goals of the program were to have full compliance of the tunnels with the current legislation and codes and to create a solid basis in order to enable efficient uniform operation, management and maintenance strategy of the integrated road tunnel system as a strategic asset to the Municipality of Amsterdam.

The current program involves the following items:

  • The renovation and upgrading of the Piet Hein tunnel
  • Upgrading the tunnel installations and systems in the Amsterdam Arena tunnel
  • Detailed assessment of the performance of the fire proofing material of the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel
  • Assessment of upgrading of the existing Traffic Control Center Amsterdam, managing the operation of all Amsterdam tunnels and the investigation and development of a completely new Traffic Control Center at a new location

Scope of Works

TEC provides technical consultancy for the Amsterdam Tunnel Renovation Program participating with experts in integrated Owners’ project teams and by preparing separate design studies and services.

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Municipality of Amsterdam

In co-operation with


Type of project

Technical Systems


The Netherlands



Project duration


Project phase

Asset management stage, technical services in the framework of renovation and upgrade of municipality tunnels and development of new traffic control center

Construction cost

Consultancy fee

Approx. € 14 million (mid ’21)