TEC’s presence at World Tunnel Congress 2022

15 September 2022

After 3 years in which the conference was not organized TEC cooperated with other Dutch immersion tunnel specialists and presented themselves on the exhibition. Many visitors to the booth were informed about our competences and were introduced to our new Tunnel Tool which can be used to create an immersed tunnel for arbitrary crossing. Furthermore, TEC colleagues, Arjan Luttikholt (Immersed Tunnels, not boring at all), Rene Kuiper (Santos Immersed Tunnel), Marcel ‘t Hart (FEA assessment of the Limfjordentunnel) and Piet Barten (Marienholmstunnel) presented their work to a room full of interested experts.

In the Working Group meetings, traditionally held on the days before the congress, the activities of the workgroup were discussed and the special edition Tunnel in and Underground Space Technology was presented. Additional, multiple presentations were supplied to give an overview of the status of Immersed tunnel projects all over the world and the research on Submerged Floating tunnels.

During the meeting, Jonathan Baber and Eelco van Putten stepped down as Animateur and Vice-Animateur after 18 and 9 years respectively of dedication to this workgroup. Marcel ‘t Hart was elected as new Animateur for the coming 3 years. Together with Jian Liu as Vice-Animateur he will lead WG 11. As TEC, we thank Jonathan and Eelco for their work and would like to wish both Marcel and Jian success on their new tasks.