HZMB Commendation Conference

15 November 2019

By Ying Li, TEC Project Manager HZMB

On November 12, 2019, one year after the opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Tunnel Link (HZMB), the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority (HZMBA) held a Commendation Conference to award the individuals who made outstanding contributions to the project during the realization of the bridge-tunnel link. The realization of the Link is considered very successful, thanks to the efforts of all the participants in design, scientific research, construction, supervision, consultancy, etc. This has been fully recognized and widely praised by the country and the society. During the Commendation Conference, the top ten construction leaders, the top ten construction meritorious contributors, the top ten craftsmen and 122 excellent construction contributors were awarded with special trophies and certificates.

Ying Li on the prize awarding stage

TEC has been the design and construction consultant of HZMBA during the whole process of design and construction. TEC is very pleased and proud to announce that Mr Hans de Wit (Managing Director of TEC, leading tunnel specialist for HZMB), was awarded the title of “Top Ten Construction Meritorious Contributors”; he is the only international specialist among the total 152 prize winners. Ms Ying Li (TEC HZMB project manager) was awarded the title of “100 Excellent Construction Contributors”. This is considered as a great recognition for the contribution of the whole TEC team in HZMB. TEC is very grateful that HZMBA selected TEC as their consultant and will always remember the great cooperation with the HZMB Client during the past decade. TEC also sincerely congratulates HZMBA, the CCCC JV  and other participants with the very successful realization of the great HZMB project.