TEC Experts have successfully led the immersion operation of the Harlingen Aqueduct

6 April 2017

Gina de Rooij (Immersion Commander) and Arjan Luttikholt (Assistant and Immersion Engineer) were key experts in the immersion operation of the N31 Aqueduct in Harlingen, Friesland, The Netherlands. Upon special request of main contractor Ballast Nedam, in the last 6 months Gina and Arjan created a team of specialists that under high time pressure successfully prepared and executed the transportation and immersion of an Aqueduct for the Van Harinxma Canal.

Managing Director Hans de Wit: “As a design and consultancy company transporting and immersing an element is actually not our core business. But I am very proud that we could provide Ballast Nedam with our specialists to prepare and lead the immersion operation; Gina and Arjan really did an excellent job. It proves that TEC as a company is capable to cover the whole cycle of design and construction phases and even can step in when special services during the execution are required.”

Other members of the immersion team were:

  • Ballast Nedam : Main Contractor and Designer
  • MHPoly : Temporary works designer (transport and immersion)
  • Geovisie : Survey company
  • Tenwolde : Jacking, lifting and transport pulling systems and operations
  • Van Tongeren : Water ballast system
  • Aquatech : Diving company

Link to video of the transportation and immersion (video in Dutch)