Last tunnel element immersed Coatzacoalcos tunnel Mexico

8 May 2013

On Sunday 5th May the last element (TE 6) of the Coatzacoalcos tunnel in Mexico has successfully been immersed. All elements are placed within the tolerance requirements. Where the immersion of the first element (TE 2) in the beginning of March still took several days, the immersion of TE 6 was done in only 15 hours.  After this successful immersion of all five elements, the next step in the project will be the permanent stabilisation of the elements by installing the locking fill and rock protection. The finishing of the immersion joints (construction of the shear keys) and the construction of the closure joint will first start after a waiting period of about 6 months to allow for initial settlements of the elements.
In this project TEC is commissioned by the consortium CTC. TEC is responsible for the design of the tunnel under the Coatzacoalcos river and TEC also assists in the immersion process. The immersion process is executed by a subcontractor Marine Joint Venture, which consists of Volker Construction International and Dragamex (Boskalis Latin America).