KIVI-NIRIA visits TEC project Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge

14 February 2013

Last month TEC Director Hans de Wit and Anton van der Sanden Member of the TEC Board, visited our project site in the Pearl River Estuary between China and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (HZMB) is one of the current projects of Tunnel Engineering Consultants. Both Hans and Anton joined a delegation of the Dutch Association of Civil Engineers (KIVI-NIRIA) who paid a visit to several projects in the region Hong Kong and the Guangdong Provence, China.

Our local staff showed the delegation the project office in Zhuhai including presentation and control room. Next we took the ferry to visit the prefabrication yard (see the picture) and the West man-made island in the Pearl River Estuary. The first tunnel elements, with a length of 180m and a total weight of 70.000 ton, will be immersed in March. The project, including the bridge part, should be finished by the end of 2016. The total budget is approx. 10 billion Euros.

From left to right: Hans de Wit (TEC Director), Anton van der Sanden (member TEC Board), Gert-Jan Bakker (Structural Engineer HZMB), Frank Kaalberg (PM TEC-Witteveen+Bos), Ying Li (PM TEC China), René Kuiper (PM TEC HZMB) and Ren Yu (Geotechnical Engineer HZMB).